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 High PSA and Prostatitis

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Symptoms of Prostate related illnesses:

  • Frequent Urination (Retention) at night
  • Urinary/Bladder infection or burning sensation when urinating
  • Traces of blood in urine could indicate acute infection or blockage
  • Difficulty urinating could be due to and enlarge prostate gland constricting the urethra
  • In-ability to hold back urine (Incontinence)
  • An elevated PSA count (Prostate Specific Antigen blood test)
  • Persistent pain in the lower back, upper legs or hips

Early Treatment can prevent more serious illnesses.


If you suffer from some of the above symptoms you could already have an enlarged prostate or prostate related illness, Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent more serious illnesses.

Please take a minute to read what our prostate medication can do for you.

The ProstateCare ZA treatment can assist with

  • Clearing up infection and inflammation of the prostate and bladder
  • Normalizing an enlarged prostate gland naturally decreasing PSA count
  • Restoring urine flow and frequent urination
  • Enhancing of bladder control
  • Supports the body's natural resistance
  • Statistics show a 95% Success rate since P-Care ZA was developed 12 Years ago
  • P-Care ZA is normally a once off treatment

 Safe, Fast & effective, no doctors prescription needed.

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Treatment can be ordered online since this is a complimentary oral treatment that assists in supporting the function of the bladder. Postnet postage and courier services available.

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